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Sophisticated Instrument Relocation Service
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Sophisticated Instrument Relocation Service
Sophisticated Instrument Relocation Service
With the increasing development oflaboratories, the demand for laboratory relocation and expansion has increased.The professional and reliable service of dismantling, transportation andinstallation of Sciway will help you relocate instruments with ease, and provide you with a guarantee for smooth and rapid work in the new site.
Service highlights
■ Professional technical personnel carry out inspection before shutting down, provide reassuring disassembly,installation and adjustment services.
■ Long-term cooperators, who are morefamiliar with the handling of sophisticated instruments and improvetransportation safety.
■ Rich experience in the area and a morecomprehensive plan.
Service Process
Inspection before shutting down → Equipmentshut down → Disassemble → Pack → Transport →Set up→ Power on → Adjustment → Complete relocation
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