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Sciway can provide you with common accessories of lab instruments, daily consumables such as chromatography column and 96-well plate. Please make sure you know your instrument model or serial number to order additional parts.



Dial box

All key components are imported from Germany. The dial is exquisite and compact, which perfectly matches with your precious mass spectrometer. Designed and supervised by a mass spectrometer engineer to ensure that the entire gas path is clean, oil-free, and plastic additives, and fully meets the requirements of mass spectrometry.


Automatic switch dial with alarm function

The automatic switch dial box can automatically switch the gas path to a spare nitrogen cylinder to supply gas when the air compressor system fails or power failure, and the SMS alarm device will work immediately and send SMS to notify the experimenter, thereby reducing the risk and loss of your sample analysis.


Mass spectrometer special dial box

Meeting demands of the connection and control functions required by AB SCIEX mass spectrometry gas circuit. You only need to prepare the liquid nitrogen tank. Our products already include all other parts needed for the mass spectrometer. You don't need to purchase other connectors, pipes, pressure reducing gauges, pressure regulators, etc. separately.

Three inputs: liquid nitrogen tank, nitrogen cylinder, air compressor. Different gas usage methods can be realized! If you change the liquid nitrogen tank, you only need to switch the valve to temporarily supply gas from a nitrogen cylinder. After the liquid nitrogen is replaced, switch back to liquid nitrogen supply. There is no need to stop the mass spectrometer during the whole process. If the air compressor fails, you only need to switch the corresponding valve and the exhaust gas is supplied by the liquid nitrogen tank.

Installation accessories including: adapter for connecting liquid nitrogen tank, pressure reducing gauge for connecting liquid nitrogen tank, 15-meter-long PTFE ultra-clean pipe.



Turbo Molecular Pump

Sciway provides turbo molecular pump sales and maintenance services.

AB-Sciex mass spectrometry molecular pump

NT151 / 361 (Used with TMP361 Turbo Pump)


Turbo-V550 (Used with V550 Turbo Pump)


Turbo-V550+ (Used with V550 Turbo Pump) 026393RX

Turbo-V551 (Used with V550 or V551 Turbo Pump)


TV 801 (Used with TV801 or TV902 Turbo Pump)


TV301 (Used with TV301 Turbo Pump)




Circuit Board

Sciway provides sales and maintenance services for mass spectrometry circuit boards





Signal Handling

Temp Control


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