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Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
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Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Being familiar with the difficulties and pain points brought by the popularization of clinical mass spectrometry technology in China, Sciway has been committed to the research of combining mass spectrometry technology and clinical application for more than 10 years. The company's senior engineers with experimental background can provide all major clinical institutions with all related consultations in the application of mass spectrometry technology, looking forward to working with you to promote faster and better development of clinical mass spectrometry.
Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Background
Compared with traditional detection methods, mass spectrometry technology has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high specificity and high accuracy. In the field of clinical biochemical testing, due to the advantages of high specificity, high accuracy, high sensitivity, high simplicity, wide linear range and high throughput of tandem mass spectrometry technology, it has gradually replaced some traditional detection methods, making biochemical test results more accurate and reliable, and its reference significance for clinical diagnosis is further improved. However, due to the relatively high degree of technical complexity of mass spectrometry technology, even professionals in the chemical field need to undergo long-term training and practice before they can master it. In addition, the lack of application support from mass spectrometer manufacturers has also increased the requirements for technical personnel. The operation and maintenance capabilities required of the personnel limits the application and popularization of clinical mass spectrometry technology.
Why Sciway?
  • Sciway has rich experience in LC-MS laboratory technical consulting services
The founder and team of engineers of Sciway have a long-term working experience in large laboratories such as SCIEX and WuXi AppTec, as well as rich experience in the application of mass spectrometry technology and liquid quality laboratory management system consulting services. At the same time, years of experience in the maintenance, verification and repair of the LC/MS system has further improved Sciway's understanding of the practical application of LC/MS technology, allowing Sciway to maximize its characteristics of simplifying what's complex in the 'Engineer Consulting Training Program', so as to reduce the difficulty of training caused by the complexity of mass spectrometry technology, and overcome the difficulties caused by the lack of "talents" in the technical application of clinical mass spectrometry.
  • Sciway has rich experience in the planning and construction of LC/MS laboratories in the analytical field
Sciway's experience in the construction and deployment of LC/MS laboratories in the field of bioanalysis allows us to better understand the needs of customers, and Sciway has a cautious and careful working attitude towards the space design, pipeline construction, instrument deployment and other details in the liquid quality laboratory design. The design is presented to clients after countless revisions and demonstrations by the engineer team. We only provide the best and most suitable plans for clients.
  • Rich product lines of nitrogen generators, sample pre-processing, and automation equipment
Nitrogen generators, as another leading product of sciway's, have undergone more than 10 years of market testing. Stable, economical, and cost-effective are the universally acknowledged traits of our products in the market. Sciway has set "Power-UP Lab Productivity" of the liquid quality laboratory as the core concept of the company's development, and has successively introduced a number of sample pre-processing instruments and automated equipment with excellent performance in the application of "preparation of standard curves" and "from tube to plate".
Sciway can provide you with
■ Professional LC-MS laboratory construction planning suggestions
■ Laboratory SOP consulting service
■ Laboratory gas supply solution
■ High-quality LC-MS laboratory maintenance service
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