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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the shelf life of the ink after it is opened?


After opening, the durability period of the ink is 3-4 months, and it can be extended if it has been exposed continuously to dry air. The ink expires after 600 hours of running the ink line. Due to the inevitable existence of moisture air, a humid environment may cause the ink to expire early.

How to clean the surface of the printing platform?


You can use a small brush to clean the sliding rails (Figure 4.8.1). When using solvents for the surface of the device, please wear a mask and gloves, and do not allow your skin to directly contact the solvent.

What should I do if I accidentally print on the test tube rack and tray?


Clean the test tube rack (Figure 4.7.1) and tray (Figure 4.7.2) with solvent, and then wipe them clean. Please wear gloves and a mask during operation, and do not allow your skin to directly contact the solvent.

What should I do if the print is blurred?


If the typing is blurred, please check whether there is ink accumulation on the print head, if so, please clean the print head. The operation method is as follows.
Put the printing platform on standby, remove the shell of the nozzle (Figure 4.6.1), put a container under the nozzle, take out the spray can, rinse the nozzle with solvent until it is visible to the eye, and dry it naturally, then install the shell, as shown in the figure 4.6.2.

Why does the printing look so dim?


The decrease in ink density will cause the printed text to be less conspicuous. Repeated cleaning of the printer will cause the ink density to decrease, which will affect the printing quality. Sciway recommends inkjet unit cleaning at most 1-2 times a day. In addition, when the inkjet unit is turned off, it will automatically start cleaning, so please do not manually turn off the device frequently. In fact, for daily use, as long as the printer is powered on, a user does not need to perform additional operations. In this way, the ink density can be maintained at about 100, and the printing effect can be in the best condition.

When the inkjet unit screen shows " low ink level" for the first time, do I need to replace the ink immediately?


When the notice for low ink level shown for the first time, there is actually about 20% ink remaining, which allows the machine still functioning for a short period of time. But please buy and replace the ink as soon as possible.

We do not have connection to the Internet in our workplace. Is TubeID still functional?


Yes. TubeID can be connected by Internet, intranet or by forming connection between operation terminal with a router. With Internet connection, TubeID’s system can be upgraded remotely. When the intranet connection is in use, it is accessed via IP, which is faster and more stable. In short, under any network conditions (external Internet / internal LAN / no network), TubeID is always functional.

What should I do if the software operation interface displays "Inkjet unit failure"?


Please open the front cover of the mobile table, check the prompts on the screen of the inkjet unit, and perform corresponding operations according to the prompts. If you don't know how to operate, please contact Sciway engineer.

The inkjet unit screen shows that the solvent is insufficient, how should I replace the solvent?


If it shows that the solvent is insufficient, follow the steps below to replace the solvent. Open the front cover, put the unit into offline mode, and click Solvent (as shown in the figure below).

What should I do if the inkjet unit screen shows "low ink level"?


The operation of ink replacement is complicated. Please contact the Sciway engineers and for the operation.

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