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Preventive Maintenance Service
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Preventive Maintenance Service
Preventive Maintenance Service
For a laboratory that's running 24/7, one equipment failure could affect the operation of the entire laboratory, so a preventive maintenance program is essential.
Based on years of experience in LC-MS laboratory services, Sciway engineers can provide you with a reasonable regular instrument maintenance plan, eliminate potential equipment problems, and keep the instrument in the best operating condition to ensure that the instrument operation meets the performance specifications. Purchase regular maintenance services to keep you away from the trouble of instrument failure.
Preventive maintenance advantages
■ Planned maintenance. Develop a maintenance plan based on the client’s laboratory business cycle to avoid temporary equipment failures that affect business processes.
■ Keep the equipment running steadily under good performance indicators to ensure data reliability.
■ Reduce operation and maintenance costs and extend equipment service life.
Sciway Service Characteristics
■ Proactive remind. Provide customers with targeted one-to-one services, establish maintenance files, inform customers of the current status of equipment before the end of each maintenance cycle, and provide follow-up maintenance programs.
■ Professional services. Professional and attentive, the engineers of Sciway's have many years of laboratory work experience to understand instrument maintenance and understand the actual needs of customers.
■ Standardized records. Fully record the maintenance process, provide maintenance reports, and the process can be inspected.
Service Area
■ Sciex triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, quadrupole ion trap tandem mass spectrometry
■ Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters liquid chromatograph
■ Sciway nitrogen generators
■ Other brands' nitrogen generators
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