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Smart box
smart box
Smart box

Temperature monitoring

Pressure monitoring

Air compressor management

Flow switch monitoring

Air compressor error message notification

Alarm mode: SMS, WeChat, Email

Communication method: 4G, Ethernet

Product Details Specifications

Sciway Smart box is applied with edge computing technology. The sensors deployed in the laboratory can be used to obtain various kinds of information
of the laboratory equipment anytime and anywhere, realizing
status collection and control of laboratory equipment. The
life and efficiency of the instrument is enhanced by leveraging
AI and big data platforms through remote IoT cloud

Main functions and technical parameters
■ Temperature monitoring.
■ Pressure monitoring.
■ Air compressor management.
■ Flow switch monitoring.
■ Air compressor error message notification.
■ Alarm mode: SMS, WeChat, Email.
■ Communication method: 4G, Ethernet.

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