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Labware RFID Management System
Labware RFID Management System
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Labware RFID Management System

Automatically obtain data to reduce errors

Develop customized solutions based on environment and customer needs

After the basic hardware equipment is installed, it can meet the needs of more functional upgrades in the future, such as fixed asset management, etc.

Reduce manual recording and manual searching, quick inventory search

Long-term data recording for traceability

Product Details Specifications

Sciway Labware RFID software system will prompt for reagents that are about to expire (3 days/7 days/15 days/30 days) or maintenance dates of the devices, facilitating the compliance of all the protocols and SOPs.

Warehouse/Cabinet/Fridge Access Monitoring

■View item information in the area anytime, anywhere
■ Digital inventory management
■ Guarantee the safety of high-value and dangerous goods
■ Automatic statistics of item usage frequency

■Quick locating of labware
■ More efficient use of reagents and consumables
■ Avoid waste
■ Avoid repeat orders
■ Automatic reminder, no manual recording needed
■ Search multiple reagents at the same time
■ Quick deployment, simple operation, easy to use


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