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Customized Warranty Service
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Customized Warranty Service
Customized Warranty Service
Sciway's maintenance service is known for its promptness and professionalism. In order to ensure immediate response to your needs, Sciway has engineers stationed in Central China, South China, North China, and East China, ready to provide you with reassuring professional services. Meanwhile, Sciway provides a variety of warranty plans to meet your needs from the customer's perspective.
Sciway provides a variety of warranty plans to meet your needs.
1. A comprehensive protection plan to ensure no extra expenses. Sciway provides a detailed and comprehensive maintenance plan, including labor, parts, maintenance training, with no hidden charges.

2. Flexible and affordable customized warranty, providing a flexible service guarantee plan under limited budget, giving you more choices and allowing limited budget to create maximum value.

Comprehensive Protection Plan
■ Including labor, parts, consumables, routine maintenance, and training.
■ Parts and consumables guarantee
■ Unlimited times of travel
■ Active maintenance appointment initiation
■ Prioritized and quick service response
Customized Partial Guarantee Plan
The labor, accessories, consumables, and routine maintenance of different instruments can be selected and matched according to the actual needs of clients', and the types and quantities can be selected.
Service Area
1. LC/MS system
2. Gas supply system
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