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Computerized System Verification Service
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Computerized System Verification Service
Computerized System Verification Service
A computerized system refers to a system composed of a series of hardware and software to meet specific functions. The system should maintain a verificated state during its life cycle.
Sciway Computerized System Verification Service includes software verification and hardware verification. The specific scope and degree of verification are based on risk assessments. Sciway is able to dig deep into the client environment, understand the actual situation and needs of the client, and fully consider the scope and purpose of the system. We take GAMP5 as a guide and combine years of instrument maintenance experience and software and hardware verification experience to conduct a professional and comprehensive risk assessment of the client's system. At the same time, Sciway has authoritative experts in the GLP consulting industry, who can provide more professional solutions and suggestions for the problems encountered by clients. After the completion of the service, Sciway can provide a complete set of compliance documents, such as VP, URS, RA, SDS, IQ, OQ, PQ, etc.
Service Area
  1. Software Verification Service
Analyst 1.5.x, Analyst 1.6.x,
Empower II, Empower III,
And various environmental monitoring systems
  1. hardware verification services
Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry and triple quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometry (API3000, API3200, API3200MD, API4000, API5000, TripleQuad 3500, TripleQuad 4500, TripleQuad 5500, TripleQuad 6500, TripleQuad 6500+, 4000 QTRAP, QTrap 5500, QTrap 6500, QTrap 6500+)
  • Agilent
Agilent 1100, 1200, 1260, 1290 series LC
  • Waters
Waters Acquity UPLC, Alliance HPLC
  • Shimadzu
Shimadzu 20 LC, 30 LC
  • Small equipment verification service
Refrigerator, centrifuge, pure water meter, pipetting workstation, pH meter, constant temperature and humidity cabinet, carbon dioxide incubator, etc.
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