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F-HN Series Nitrogen Generators
F-HN Series Nitrogen Generator
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F-HN Series Nitrogen Generators

99.999% purity

Pulley type,easy to move

Quiet, no noise

SCIWAY provides exclusive customization

Product Details Specifications

This series of generators can provide 99.999% purity nitrogen for GC, GCMS, and GCGCMS. 0.01-micron filtration and high-throughput activated carbon adsorption system are selected. 

■ Supply of pure gas.
■ This product can be recovered in two to three years.
■ After installation, there can be long-term unmanned operations to supply gas to the instrument.
■ Maintenance takes only 30 minutes a year.
■ Pulley type, easy to move.
■ No external power supply is required.
■ Quiet, no noise.
■ SCIWAY provides exclusive customization.

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