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TubeID Received ANTOPIoT InLab Innovation Award
CompanyBy AdminOctober 29, 2020

%title插图%numAnother award is added to Sciway’sshowcase.After online voting and expert review, Sciway’s newly launched productTubeID got ANTOP IoT In Lab Innovation Award.ANTOP Awards are set up by Antpedia (www.antpedia.com) to record the most influential people/products/events in analysis and testing industry. TubeID with its cutting-edgecomputing technology, realizes automatic and rapid marking, allowing laboratory staff to liberate their hands. TubeIDrealizes the rapid and automatic marking of laboratory test tubes, printingdirectly on the surface of test tubesatabout 1 test tube/second. The lab staffno longerneed to manually label the test tubes or spending time on recognizing messy handwriting. Another highlight is automatic tube removal, after beingprinted, the entire row of test tubes can bedirectlyput into atube rack, which further improves the test tube preparation efficiency. Withedge computing technologyapplied, each device has a unique URL addresstobe accessed from a browser, anditallowsremote online upgrade and maintenance. Compared with the label stickers thateasilyskewedor fall off,ordamaged, TubeID’s printing is neatand easy to read, which also enhancesbrand image.The online ANTOP award ceremony was held on July 1st, 2020, and the off-line award ceremony will be held later this yearat Analytica China 2020.

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